The big question every author wants answered: “How much is this going cost me?”

My answer: It depends. In fact, it depends on a few things:

What level of service does your manuscript need?
For example, a developmental edit generally takes more time to complete and may require more extensive work than a proofread; therefore, a developmental edit costs more than a proofread does.

How long is your manuscript?
Ideally, you would provide the number of words, but a page count is acceptable, too. (Note that, per industry standards, a page is considered 250 words double-spaced in 12-point type with 1-inch margins.)

How soon do you want the manuscript edited?
If you want it tomorrow, I will charge a rush fee, assuming I can squeeze your project into my schedule. If you want it in the next month or beyond, standard rates apply. (If I can’t fit your project into my schedule, I can refer you to other editors.)

How much guidance and/or one-on-one interaction (emails, phone calls) do you want?
I’m happy to answer all of your questions and walk you through every step of the editing process. After all, that’s how you’ll ensure you’re getting what you want. However, I will charge for my time.

What other services will you require?
There’s more to publishing a book than just having it edited. I can write your author biography, the copy for the back cover, and other supporting material. Few other people will be as familiar with your book as I will be.

The other big question authors want answered is “Will paying for an edit be worth it?” You’re the best person to answer that, but my answer is always yes! Readers appreciate a well-written book (consider Amazon reviews of self-published authors whose books receive poor reviews because of a lack of editing). Editing supports your publishing dreams, whether by making sure a character’s name is spelled consistently throughout the novel or by pointing out gaps in content in a nonfiction work.

To get a rough idea of standard editorial rates, see the Editorial Freelancers Association’s Editorial Rates chart. Note: The rates shown are only guidelines; my rates tend to fall toward the low end of the ranges shown.

Contact me to request a free sample edit, which includes a recommendation of which editing service would best suit your manuscript and a price estimate.