What follows are unsolicited compliments from authors I’ve worked with over the years:

Special thanks to Vicki Adang; thank you for your infinite patience and gentle but firm guidance and willingness to keep asking me to rewrite and clarify.
—Steve Crabb, Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies

Vicki Adang, our copy editor, earns an editor of the year award for ferreting out our typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and other language faux pas, in addition to assisting Georgette [Beatty] as reader advocate — asking the questions we should have asked ourselves.
—Michael Soon Lee, MBA, and Ralph R. Roberts, Cross-Cultural Selling For Dummies

Thank you! I’ve made it through all your edits and really appreciate how thorough you were. I couldn’t believe how many times I needed to take out the word ‘out.’ I’ll definitely be requesting you to review my second manuscript in a few months.
—James Drummond, The One You Feed

I am so glad you enjoyed editing my work. As you know, writing is a solitary business with little to guide one but one’s own sense of direction. I gather feedback where I can, and it is nice to have yours.
—John Richter, The Parthian Script

Thanks to Vicki Adang for all of her support and suggestions throughout the writing process. She inspired me throughout to become a better writer.
—Chuck Thompson, Busy and Blessed

I really appreciated my project editor, Vicki Adang, and her many contributions. She knows how to push without ever being pushy.
—James Eade, Chess Openings For Dummies

Thank you to Vicki Adang, copy editor extraordinaire, whose enthusiasm and attention to detail made sure that you could actually follow our steps to make your own beautiful pieces.
—Heather H. Dismore and Heather Powley, Jewelry & Beading Designs For Dummies

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