Whether you’re just beginning to draft an outline for a novel or manuscript or you’ve placed the final period, every writer needs an editor.

When in the writing process you hire an editor depends on your editing needs. Do you want help outlining your book so you don’t have to reorganize the content or add substantial amounts of text after the first draft is written? Do you want someone to make sure you’ve used “its” and “it’s” correctly? Are you great at all of that grammar and punctuation stuff but want a set of fresh eyes to look over your writing?

I can help with all of those concerns and more. Check out the following table for an explanation of the different types of services offered and when it makes sense to have them performed.

ServiceLevel of attentionWhat happensWhen it happens (ideally)
Developmental editAddresses concerns at the book and chapter level.For a nonfiction manuscript, I will give you feedback on your outline, evaluate the organization of the information, and help you provide just the right amount of content for your audience.
For a fiction manuscript, I will evaluate the plot and character development and let you know what may not be working from a reader’s perspective.
After the outlining stage but before writing begins in earnest for nonfiction manuscripts; after a first or second draft is completed for fiction manuscripts.
Substantive editAddresses chapter-level concerns.I will read each chapter for content, ensuring that it meets the audience’s needs and expectations; I may also suggest organizational changes.After a first or second draft is completed.
Line editAddresses concerns at the paragraph and sentence level.I will make sure your ideas are clear; your sentences are concise and accurate; and your grammar is correct. This type of edit includes cutting unnecessary words and revising sentences to make them easier to understand.After all major editing and revising is completed; often done in conjunction with a copy edit.
Copy editAddresses the word and punctuation level.I may suggest switching out one word in favor of a better word and will correct typos, misspellings, and grammar and punctuation errors.After all major editing and revising is completed; often done in conjunction with a line edit.
ProofreadingAddresses any remaining errors in the manuscript.I will read your manuscript and correct any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar (there should be relatively few at this point). This is (or should be) the lightest level of editing.After all aspects of the manuscript are polished and final; may be the last step before layout and design, or may occur after layout and design.

Note: Not every author wants every stage of editing performed on his or her manuscript, and that’s OK. However, sometimes it’s impossible to edit a manuscript that hasn’t gone through a previous level of editing; for example, it’s tough to proofread a manuscript that hasn’t had a copy edit or line edit done first.

Contact me to request a free sample edit, which includes a recommendation of which editing service would best suit your manuscript and a price estimate.

The following services can be added to any editing service or purchased separately.

ServiceDescription What happensWhen it happens
Title feedbackEvaluation of the working title in reference to the manuscriptI will review your manuscript and evaluate how well your title sums up the content of your manuscript and attracts a reader; may offer alternative titles for your consideration.Any time after the majority of the manuscript is drafted.
About the Author copywritingDraft of your author biographyI will take the information you provide about yourself and create an engaging, interesting biography for you to include in your book.Any time after the majority of the manuscript is drafted.
Back cover or promotional copywritingA tease of the book’s content to attract readersI will review your manuscript and draft (or edit if you’ve already written material) copy for the back cover or other promotional material.Any time after the majority of the manuscript is drafted.
Project managementKeeping all aspects of the project on track and ensuring deadlines are metI will help manage the ongoing aspects of publishing a manuscript; this may include tracking and submitting pictures and other artwork (supplied by you), text files, and other elements to the production vendor.Throughout the production phase.

I’m also happy to make presentations at conferences or talk to writers groups about the importance of having your work edited and what it’s like to work with an editor.